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Arbor Junkies worker skillfully pruning branches with a chainsaw in Edwardsville, IL area, offering top tree trimming and removal services.

Welcome to Arbor Junkies Tree Service! Our business thrives on the passion and expertise of our owner, Eric Thornsberry. An ardent climber with over 18 years of industry experience, Eric found his calling among the treetops, dedicating his life to the art and science of tree care.

Our tree service company is open daily from 7am to 7pm, serving Godfrey, IL and surrounding communities. Arbor Junkies provides reliable and efficient tree services to commercial and residential clients alike. Our commitment doesn’t stop at the closing hours – we remain vigilant and ready to respond to emergencies 24/7. With an impressive array of equipment at our disposal, including bucket trucks, spider lifts, and forklifts, no job is too big or too challenging for us. As the saying goes, “The right tool for the right job,” and we’ve got them all.

Eric and the Arbor Junkies crew aren’t just seasoned professionals, they’re enthusiastic arborists who love making trees look their best. This love for our craft translates into our work, which has made us one of the most in-demand and trusted tree services in the Godfrey area.

We believe in transparency and integrity in our business dealings, and as such, we offer free estimates to our clients. This allows us to build lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect. But don’t just take our word for it – our Godfrey customers’ testimonials speak volumes about our speed, efficiency, professionalism, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Proper tree and bush trimming is more than just a cosmetic enhancement. Yes, it keeps your property looking neat and well-cared for, but there’s more to it. Regular trimming ensures that your trees and shrubs are healthy, strong, and safe. It helps in removing dead or dying branches that could pose a risk to your property or your family.

There’s a sense of satisfaction and relief that comes with finally removing a problematic or unwanted tree from your property. However, what often remains is the stubborn, unsightly stump, a remnant that can pose multiple issues if not addressed. That’s where Arbor Junkies steps in, offering professional stump grinding services to homes and businesses.

Arbor Junkies understands that trees can bring immense value to a property. However, there are times when tree removal is necessary due to disease, storm damage, property construction, or other circumstances. Furthermore, removing a tree usually leaves behind a stump, which also needs to be removed for various reasons. We are proud to offer comprehensive tree and stump removal services to residents and businesses, providing peace of mind and a safe, clean, and healthy environment.

As a comprehensive property maintenance company, Arbor Junkies extends its services beyond just trees and stumps. We also offer a range of dirt work services to cater to various landscaping and construction needs.

Storms can be unpredictable and cause extensive damage to your property, especially when trees are involved. In addition to disrupting your daily activities, fallen or damaged trees can pose a significant risk to your property and safety. At Arbor Junkies, we provide comprehensive storm damage services, ensuring that your property is safe, secure, and free from potential hazards.

Arbor Junkies understands that tree emergencies don’t always occur during business hours. High winds, storm damage, and even unexpected tree illnesses can cause situations that require immediate attention. For this reason, we proudly offer 24/7 emergency tree service to our clients, providing rapid, efficient, and professional solutions to your urgent tree-related needs, no matter when they occur.

Arbor Junkies is here to tackle all your landscaping needs, from simple garden makeovers to complex excavation projects. Our experienced team works efficiently to shape your outdoor space into a functional and enjoyable area. Whether it’s leveling for a new patio or planting vibrant gardens, we focus on practical, quality solutions to enhance your property.

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